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cykle is an inventive, semi-generative melodic step sequencer for iOS, iPadOS and Mac (Catalyst). cykle abstracts every musical parameter into its own sequence using decoupled sequencer lanes, producing complex and musically engaging patterns from the interactions between simple elements.

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"My favourite iOS sequencer" ★★★★★
"Neat and super efficient midi sequencer. I can only appreciate the effort the dev put in his creature!" — App Store Review
"amazing flexible yet simple sequencer" ★★★★★ — App store review
"Genius sequencer!" ★★★★★
"Great for sequencing. Fantastic to make 'organic' patterns with choosing the number of steps for all parameters" — App store review
"Excellent MIDI tool, smart and well executed" ★★★★★ — App store review
"Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow" ★★★★★
"This has become my go to sequencer for operating inside AUM, because the genius idea of separating pitch, gate, pattern length etcetera from each other means that you can create surprisingly complex, musical, evolving sequences or polyrhythmic patterns from tiny seeds of a handful of notes. (...)" — App store review
"A wonder! Complex concept implemented simple and fun."Youtube comment
"This seems sick. I like this idea of just abstracting EVERYTHING off a sequence out, allowing for all kinds of mistakes and cool accidents."Lines Forum
"It’s absolutely fantastic! Super easy to get a cool sequence going, and the many different lanes of sequencing allows for a lot of variety throughout the playing."Audiobus Forum
"What a bucket of fun. (…) Brilliant little critter. so simple yet wildly powerful. Been looking for something exactly like this for yonks. Truly an outstanding little app."Audiobus Forum
"What a brilliant app. So simple to use but so many features."Audiobus Forum
"what an absolute gem"Audiobus Forum
"OK, now I am Suzanne Ciani. I love this."Audiobus Forum
"Thank you for this great app. It is very fun, creative, and inspiring."Audiobus Forum
"Cykle is a wondrous app! F-r-e-e-d-o-m!"Audiobus Forum
"One of best sequencers out there!"Audiobus Forum
"Love this app. Really elegant design!"Audiobus Forum


Frequently Asked Questions

how does this work? is there a manual?
yes, the manual is here.

what's wrong? why don't hear I anything?
cykle doesn't make any sound by itself. you will need to connect to a MIDI-compatible synthesizer app on your device, load it in an AUv3-compatible host (such as Audiobus or AUM) or connect it to an external synthesizer, computer or any other sound generating device.

how do I select a MIDI destination or channel?
swipe up on the channel view and tap Output destination.

are the snapshots MIDI controllable?
yes, you can switch snapshots by sending MIDI program changes (bank select 1-8) or MIDI pitches 1-8 to cykle's MIDI input.

what is MIDI Input mode?
an active MIDI input mode allows you to control the pitch of a pattern via external MIDI input, such as an external MIDI keyboard controller. select the MIDI input source in the menu > Settings > MIDI Input source.

how can I send MIDI CC messages?
add a control sequence to your channel and select the desired control number by tapping the label (74 - Brightness) on the cell.

does cykle send MIDI clock?
it does, clock sending can be enabled via the Settings pane in the menu.

can I export/import my patterns?
cykle currently doesn't support exporting or importing patterns. however, patterns can be accessed and copied as raw files (.ckp) via File Sharing in Finder/iTunes.

I have another question.
send me an email.