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polybeat is an advanced and highly flexible drum and percussion sequencer for iOS, iPadOS and Mac (Catalyst) capable of generating complex and intricate polyrhythmic and polymetric drum patterns.

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"A pleasure to use" ★★★★★
"(...) this is already a very capable app thats really nice to use and before you know it you'll be making loads of fun and interesting patterns so do yourself a favour and download it" — App Store Review
"The best drum sequencer" ★★★★★ — App Store Review
"Brings drums to life" ★★★★★
"You can take the most boring of drum loops and bring them to life with this tool" — App Store Review
"Wonderful app" ★★★★★
"Thanks for this great app with so many possibilities" — App store review
"Intuitive, useful and fun!" ★★★★★
"Where Polybeat stands out from other AU3 controller apps is that everything is easily accessible and intuitive. It's both fun to use and usefully functional. (...)" — App Store Review